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Expertise. Intuition. Ingenuity.

Analysing the Data
Analysing the Numbers


A Comprehensive Approach

Our first meeting is complimentary, to be sure we are compatible and comfortable with one another. Filling out our Financial Planning Questionnaire will ensure a more productive conversation, or just bring in your current statements and we'll talk.


The Path to Success

Each client is provided with a comprehensive financial plan to evaluate where they are and plan where they're going. This plan will integrate your investments, retirement savings, college savings, estate plan and potential insurance needs.


Expert Guidance

No matter what types of investment planning you have in mind, we can handle it. From taxable investment accounts and trusts to retirement accounts (IRA's/401k/403b/SEP/SIMPLE/TIAA-CREF) to college savings we can handle them all.

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C&D Wealth Advisors. is an independent, fee-only Registered Investment Advisor founded in 1981. Our Objective is to provide highly professional investment counseling services to individuals, corporate pension and profit-sharing accounts, foundations, charitable organizations and non-profits.

One of the investment world’s big buzzwords right now is “Fiduciary”. It's an important topic! Being a Fiduciary means that a firm is always required to put their client’s best interest first. It’s hard to believe that not all money managers adhere to this philosophy, but they do not. Rest assured that C&D has been a Fiduciary advisor since its founding in 1981, long before it became a marketing term.

In addition, the way that we charge for our services means that our interests are fully aligned with yours. As you do better, so do we.

Your financial picture is more than a set of numbers to us.  It represents years of blood, sweat and tears, all of which originate from your hard work.  You can never get your time back, so it is important that we make the most of it.  People generally get help with their finances for any combination of three primary reasons: they lack time, they lack the knowledge, or they do not enjoy the process of managing their portfolio.  

At C&D we compensate for any of these reasons, and work with you to offer a unique portfolio that fits your individual needs.  People often have more than one financial goal at a time, be that retirement savings, college savings, charitable donations or maybe leaving a legacy to your children. We help you investigate scenarios so that you may better understand your choices and how they affect your future. We take time to talk to you about how you can best structure your portfolio to reduce costs and increase performance.  

You have years of experience earning and saving, let us handle the “worry” in your investing to help you reach your financial goals.

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