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Asset Allocation is the most important factor in determining you investment success

At C&D we tend towards investing in individual stocks and bond issues, instead of using Mutual Funds and ETF products. The reason is two-fold:

1.) We are trained, experienced investment evaluators and we want to know EXACTLY what is in our clients accounts, so we pick the assets ourselves.

2.) By avoiding investment products like Mutual Funds and ETF's we also avoid our clients having to pay their fees and expenses (which they all have, including so-called "no-load" products). The only fees you pay are our investment management fees and approximate $5 trading fee.

Proper asset allocation is necessary to diversify clients' holdings and to reduce risk. It is a critical determinant in ensuring your desired outcome! 

Proper investment allocation technique requires evaluating the overall U.S. and overseas economic situations, interest rates, corporate earnings and other factors and reallocating as we see advantages in one area or another.

The next level is determining a proper mix of equities, fixed income and cash, along with other asset classes.

Workplace Retirement Plans

Your 401(k), 403(b), 457(b), TIAA-CREF employer retirement plan may be one of your largest investments and should be incorporated into your retirement planning and managed as part of your overall portfolio. They are typically restricted to a small number of mutual funds in terms of asset choice. In this case we will evaluate your available options and invest the assets accordingly. To paraphrase Matthew Quigley in the movie Quigley Down Under: "I said I didn't have much use for mutual funds I didn't say we don't know how to use them" to great effect.You may also be eligible for an in-service withdrawal or a “brokerage window” that would allow us to expand your investment options.

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