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The Expert Advisor

C&D Wealth Advisors is an independent Registered Investment Advisor formed in 1981 and is registered with the State of Michigan under the Investment Advisors Act of 1940. Our objective, as our clients fiduciary, is to provide highly personalized, professional investment counseling services to individuals, corporate pension and profit sharing accounts, foundations, and charitable organizations.

Our investment philosophy emphasizes the preservation of capital and the achievement of superior rates of return over a reasonable period of time. An equally important facet of our philosophy is a total commitment to client service. This goal achieved by first understanding client objectives and structuring investment programs which will meet those objectives. For
all discretionary accounts the ratio between equities and fixed assets is constantly reviewed in the context of current market conditions as well as specific client objectives.

Our approach integrates emphasis on selection of specific issues and adjustment of portfolio asset
mix in anticipation of changing market conditions. While no investor can consistently anticipate short-term market
fluctuations, we believe it is often possible to perceive longer-term upward or downward trends.

Research ideas are generated both internally and externally and may result from technical screening, general analysis of changing fundamental or economic trends. In the selection process we place principal emphasis on discovering attractive
issues which we believe are undervalued in the prevailing  environment. In some cases, these are situations which we believe are not widely recognized, while in other cases they are issues which have become unduly oversold. We believe the key to
successful investment is the ability to make objective decisions on the basis of accurate information and then to execute those decisions on a timely basis.

Price limits are established for all stock investments. Issues reaching the sale objective are carefully re-examined and sold from accounts unless fundamentals have improved. We also establish a Review Price Limit, which defines the point of price
decline at which we review the issue to determine whether it should be sold or retained. This discipline enables us to cushion downside risk.

In bond investments, we normally confine purchase to single “A” rated or better. We use the Moody’s Bond Service and the Standard and Poor’s bond rating service for this criterion.
In the equity markets, we strive to be flexible and do not confine our interest to any single category of common stocks, For the most part, we attempt to direct our efforts to issues which are not “over owned” by major financial institutions. While at any point in time we might own a blue chip “growth” stock or major heavy industry issue because it appears “oversold,” in
general, we prefer to invest elsewhere. Specifically, we prefer the more moderate size companies which are undervalued on both a relative and absolute basis. Integral to this analysis is a detailed examination of both technical and fundamental data.

The above information provides some insight into the financial service we offer you. We will tailor client servicing to your specific needs with regular telephone contact as well s periodic meetings. Clients will receive information held in strict confidence.

We look forward to being of service to you.

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